Stonethwaite, Borrowdale, Cumbria
Telephone: 01768 777 256 (9am-8pm)
(Please remember this is a working farm, not an office.
Please email if there is no answer)

We Will Close To The Public on October 1st 2020

After a short but successful season, we have decided that as of the 1st of October our gates will be closed to the general public for the remainder of 2020.
The exception being DUKE OF EDINBURGH GROUPS. We will post on here when we will reopen in 2021.

Thank you,take care and see you next year -Richard , Andrea , Matilda & Violet

camping site

in the heart of the english lake district


Commencing from July 29th we will receive visitors to our tranquil site once again. As a precaution we have waited longer to open our gates and consider our options. It has been established that outdoor areas such as campsites are deemed low risk for covid 19. We hope to minimise that risk further with your co-operation. Of course nowhere is completely covid secure so please read ALL the information here. To enable us to open as safely as possible whilst not raising our prices we have decided to implement the following measures:

1. As mentioned we have not raised our tariffs therefore we expect all visitors to arrive with HAND SANITISER and MASKS. Cleaning products are suggested but not mandatory.

2. When visiting the communal facilities please wear a mask and ensure adequate social distancing at all times. Respect your fellow campers and the wider community, yours and ours please.

3. Visitors are not allowed -only those staying on site, NO exceptions.

4. On arrival please have the correct fees for your stay £6.00 per adult per night and £4.00 for children aged 5-15 each night -Thank you

5. If you feel someone is veering too close we insist you remain polite. No angry rebukes or defence please.

1. We remain essentially the same site relaxed and peaceful. Therefore no loud noise from 10.30pm, no loud music at all. Firepits and bbqs are allowed raised off the ground.

2. This year all arrivals will be within the hours of 10am until 8pm daily.

3. Bookings will be at a minimum once that quota is filled it will be first come first served. Please don't pitch immediately, most likely Richard (the owner) will be on site to help or follow the signs to enquiries. Of course you can ring or email ahead any questions with regards to general availability or anything else.

4. Under current circumstances groups are not allowed. Large groups of families or individuals congregating will be asked to leave.

5. Showers will be operational from the hours 8pm till 10am the next morning. Throughout the day they will be locked.

6. Space is at a premium so no gazebos. If it is essential a tariff will be imposed.

7. We want you to enjoy your stay. You deserve it! But anyone flouting these guidelines will be asked to leave. Alternatively if you do not like the sound of what you read please find a place more appropriate for yourselves.

8. Further updates may occur in the future so please check back here for the latest info before arriving.

How to Book Your Pitch

If you'd like to book, just call or email us and we'll reserve your space. Alternatively, you can simply turn up but please DON'T PITCH YOUR TENT UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO US. There are clear signs for enquiries and usually Richard (the Owner) is on the site.
Please read this important info regarding COVID-19
We cannot currently accommodate groups.
(Please see our information for Bank Holiday camping)
Tel: 01768 777 256